About GSE R US

About us

GSE-R-US provides full-service aircraft ground support equipment and support to the aviation industry worldwide.  Offering equipment with 3 levels of quality design allows customers to choose a product that meets their budget and perceived value expectations.

Equipment is offered in 3 tiers of design quality:
1.    Operational  - equipment is running and tested to meet performance requirements
2.    Refurbished - equipment is brought back to manufacturer's specifications and performance specifications; major components replaced as necessary, tested, and painted
3.    New - equipment offered in new or "like new" status from a set list of distributors

In addition to equipment offerings, GSE-R-US offers:
a)    Replacement parts for sale
b)    Repair services
c)    Maintenance contracts with the local airports

GSE-R-US has been in the industry of ground support equipment sales since 1998.  We have performed maintenance contracts with recognized clients such as FedEx and the GTAA.

Our Core values:

a)    Reliable customer service - clients who connect with GSE-R-US will be provided with options that meet their specific needs
b)    Durability - product sales will live up to intended perceived value; the customer's "performance for the dollar"
c)    Trustworthy repair/maintenance services for local GSE users (Canada / Northeastern USA)
d)    Innovation – we strive to add value whenever or wherever possible

Our Vision:

GSE-R-US will be the preferred one-stop shop for aircraft ground support equipment products and services worldwide.

Our Mission:

To provide reliable and durable aircraft ground support equipment, parts, and services to consumers who require the most value for their money.


GSE-R-US provides a parts supply service for common replacement items for your ramp equipment.



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