Model: 2045KBR
Manufacturer: SDI
Engines: Primary, MERCEDES BENZ® MBE-900 Diesel. Rear, JOHN DEERE® model 4045 with 40 KW generator
Transmission: Automatic
Capacity: 2000 gal Type 1 and 400 gal Type IV
Boom: Working Height 42', rotating cab 340 Degrees
Cab: Enclosed
capacity: 450 lbs.
Safety: low fluid auto shutdown, burner auto shutdown
Ticket printer for each application: In cab
Vehicle dimensions: L 30'6", W 8'6", H 11'7"
Weight: 35000 lbs
Ground Hose and Reel: 50 ft (15.2 m) with electric reel
Heaters: 3 x SUPERIOR Instant Heat diesel or Jet 'A'
Flow meters: For both fluid types