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In honour of our 15th year of operation, we unveil our new state-of-the-art website. There are many new features of the website you will find as you explore. One important new feature is the Wishlist function — it allows you to collect selected equipment items in your virtual basket, which you can then submit to us for quotation, or email to a friend!

GSE-R-US is in the business of buying and selling aircraft ground support equipment and parts. We sell equipment in three tiers of quality: operational, refurbished, and new (also, check out our “like new” baggage tugs!). We offer a large variety of equipment types, brands, and capacity levels. Working with numerous equipment, our team is prepared provide you with the guidance in purchasing the most suitable unit for your operations.

Our mission is to provide reliable and durable aircraft ground support equipment, parts, and services to consumers who require the most value for their money.

Whatever your budget, GSE-R-US will provide you with unbeatable prices.

Have GSE equipment you would like to sell?

Our team is prepared to assist you in the sale of your unused equipment. Let us advertise for you in our New in Consignment page as well as its related category page. Here are our newest items in consignment:

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Jetall GSE Airstart Unit JTL 250 TwinPac

Refurbished Equipment And Expectations

How long do you expect your refurbished ground support equipment to perform? A year? A decade? Do you expect near-perfect quality? Is buying the best option? Would you benefit more from renting?

There are plenty of questions to consider when it comes to refurbished ground support equipment. This is why we discusses the important factors with you. As well as your expectations, we make sure your budget, performance requirements and deadlines are all met.