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Name: Beaching trailer

Model: JTL13000-DHC6/BT

Manufacturer: Jetall GSE

Capacity: 14000 lbs

When deployed for use:

Length: Overhaul 38ft

Width: Pontoons bed deployed 16ft

When folded for shipping:

Length: Overhaul 34ft

Width: Pontoons bed folded 7ft 8in

Height: Trailer with Pontoons folded 5ft 2in

Weight carrying capacity: 14,000 lb.

Description: Trailer designed to be used for moving DHC6 on floats, in and out the water. The trailer basic design is similar to a large boat towing Trailer, while in this design, the keel of the DHC6 pontoons will be positioned on the outside of the center section along the length of the Fenders. The Trailer is constructed with galvanized steel/Aluminum and it consists of 3 main components; 2 x Fenders – that support the floats and the total weight of the aircraft while securing the aircraft at the correct position on the trailer.

1 x Center section – Includes a main structure with 3 axles supporting 6 wheels. This structure also supports the side hanging fenders when either deployed or folded up-words, on top, for shipping. The forward part of the center section is equipped with; Tow arrester to connect to the tow tug, Stabiliser that is adjustable, folding and equipped with a caster wheel, Pull straps for pulling the aircraft on the Trailer, Parking brake actuator and a Forward securing Bar, adjustable to act as the forward securing stops for the Pontoons.