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28.5 Volt DC, Rectifier, Refurbished Condition

  • Input Power: AC current 200/115 volt, 3 ph., 400 Hz
  • Output: 28.5 VDC, 1100 amp continuous, 2500 amp Peak Starting Current
  • Control panel with digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, output ON/OFF button, output ON indicator, 400Hz input indicator, current limit (soft start) adjustment, current limit disabled indicator, current limit ON/OFF control
  • Soft start designed to provide min. starting stress
  • Line drop voltage compensation
  • Dimensions: L=31”; W=21”; H=20”
  • Weight: 550 lbs. (shipping)
  • Unit is on wheels, ready to tow
  • Test Certificate
  • Painted one colour

Option 1:

  • New TR unit

Option 2:

  • 100 feet AC extension output cable